Reiki 2 Course

Reiki 2 Course

Go further on your Reiki journey & learn the deeper teachings in this virtual course. Upon completion of Reiki 2 you will be able to work in a professional capacity and send Reiki remotely to anyone, anywhere. 


Students will also inheret lineages from both the Western & Eastern traditions, teachings from each are covered in this course. Students will receive a course manual before the start date, certificate & pastoral care. 


This is a virtual course covering Reiki theory held on Zoom on the weekend of 27th/28th March, with 2 x 2 hour online group sessions and a remote attunement. 



Reiki 2 - Okuden; The Deepening. 

4 hours split over sessions  

Expand your Reiki practice!

Go deeper into the system and philosophies of Reiki, learn about the three sacred symbols we use to strengthen practice and direct healing to a specific problem. 

Learn about sending Reiki over a distance and about the Quantum take on the time space continuum. 

Intuitive methods - body scanning, asking spirit for guidance, learning to trust your intuition.  

Reiki as a professional path. 

1 Reiki attunement. 


Teacher: Alex de Angelis, co-founder of the House of Healing Arts


Dates: 29/03/21 12pm - 2pm, 01/04/21 12pm - 2pm


Meeting link & manual will be sent directly to your inbox upon purchase. 


*Please note, if you aim to work professionally in the UK after Reiki 2, we must also meet at my healing sancury in West London when Covid restrictions are eased to carry out a further attunement face to face *


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