Reiki 1 Course

Reiki 1 Course

Learn the incredible holistic healing system of Usui Reiki; you will gain healing hands of your very own to use on yourself, your friends & your family.


Students will also inheret lineages from both the Western & Eastern traditions, teachings from each are covered in this course. Students will receive a course manual before the start date, certificate and pastoral care.


This is a group virtual course covering Reiki theory, held on Zoom on the weekend of 17/04 April, with 2 x 2 hour online sessions and 4 remote attunements.


Reiki 1 - Shoden; The Opening

4 hours split over two sessions.

Learn about the history and context of Reiki. Understand what Reiki is and what it means for those who receive treatments.

Learn about energy centres and subtle energetic bodies (the tanden points, the chakra system, the auric field).

The Reiki principles - Reiki as a way of life.

Learn how to cleanse, connect, self heal, give treatments to others and about aftercare.

4 Reiki attunements.


Teacher: Alex de Angelis, co-founder of the House of Healing Arts


Dates: Sat 17/04/21 12pm - 2pm, Sun 18/04/21 12pm - 2pm


Meeting link & manual will be sent directly to your inbox upon purchase.


*Please note, if you aim to work professionally in the UK after Reiki 2, we will arrange to meet at my healing sancury in West London when Covid restrictions are eased to carry out further attunements face to face *


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